Dude. What's the dealio?

The only constant is change, right?

Who said that?
Heraclitus? Asimov? Jay-Z?


Aside from the fact that clichés make me want to burn my own eyebrows off, this one is pretty much true.

And there’s been a lot of change around here.

Including a brand new site. (Tada!)

One day I woke up + realized that Sankofa Song needed a major upgrade.

Then major upgrade turned into total transformation.

And here we are.

New URL.
New name.
New look.
New words.

But the essence is still here.

That old familiar magic you’ve come to know + love.

And, of course, I’m still here.

Your friendly neighborhood drum-banging business awesomizer + suck exorcist + sonic alchemist.

He who covets dark chocolate, holds court with ninjas + writes love letters to Yoda.

The inner change has been more radical than the outer one, really.

(More on that soon.)

And things are still mostly where you’d expect to find them.

Delicious options for working together. Completely kapow-ey freebies. A brand new newsletter love letter. And, of course, the blog.

First time here?

Much yayness + big welcomes!

Take a peek at the map to grok the lay of the land.

And if you need anything, just shoot me a note.

Big love,

enter the awesome!