punk rock pow-wows - bullshit down. volume up.

the gist:

Face-to-face at my place. Aural alchemy + accelerated strategy. The kind of transformation that can only happen when you dive into retreat-mode + dig down to the roots.

the goal:

Big kettledrum breakthroughs. Epiphanies like BOOM. A plan you can run with. Milestones you actually want to make happen.

the goods:

  • A morning-to-night experience with me in beautiful Cincinnati (home of Peter Frampton, Bootsy Collins and a real life castle. Not to brag or anything.)
  • Some special sonic vroom sessions with an optional-but-warmly-welcomed special guest performance from you. We’ll create an improvised symphony that paints a perfect picture of precisely what’s percolating at the invisible, interior levels of your life + work. (Did I mention you get to bang things?)
  • A series of strategic sorcery convos to help you ramp up the revenue, rebrand the website, hire the intern, shed the suck, rip up the five-year plan (but clarify your legacy), launch the unlaunchable and love every minute.
  • The chance to chat with your personal superheroes, channel dead rockstars, explore the subtle (and not-so-subtle) energy shifts that bring everything into alignment + get you riotously pumped about your life purpose + work.

the glee factor:

You’ll get to thwack gongs, hold imaginary business meetings in your head, consume criminal amounts of fudge and write it off as a business expense.

the groove sauce:

Punk rock is about fixing what doesn’t work. Making radical changes. Smashing old beliefs. Bullshit DOWN. Volume UP. Total freedom + full-on permission to be + do YOU.

the green stuff:

$5,000 per day
Two-day minimum/three-day maximum

the go sign:

If we’ve worked together in the past, and our chemistry is like, whoa – give me a shout in the box below. I’ll be in touch. We’ll make magic.

yeah, that's a ninja.

that’s so punk rock, man!

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